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Companies Spending More On Tech Services Due To Remote Work

The Coupa Business Spend Index (BSI) has been volatile over the past several months as the pandemic shredded business confidence and sent budgets into a downward spiral. Some business spending has barely ...

Feature Similar To iPhone Airdrop Was Added To Android

Apple users are almost certainly familiar with the Airdrop feature, which allows content to be shared between two iPhones that are in close proximity to each other. Recently, Google announced the rollout ...

How to Save on IT Costs During a Recession

Here are some tips to Save on IT Costs during a recession: Individuals become more frugal as the economy dips. Businesses who learn how to reduce their operating expenses are far more likely to survive economic downturns and recessions than those who ...

Covid 19 - How Businesses Can Securely Work From Home

When working remotely, it’s crucial to continue your typical cybersecurity best practices and reach out with any questions or concerns. Read more here: http://cache.amp.vg/datto-content.amp.vg/view/bxk2rn0a00pi2/637236818565866810?userid=dc3jmfm1v0ssp

Social Distancing for the SMB:

Social Distancing for the SMB: Explore whether you can establish policies and practices, such as flexible worksites (e.g., telecommuting) and flexible work hours (e.g., staggered shifts), to increase the physical distance.

When WFH, ensure you have fully patched and updated anti-virus and anti-malware software

When WFH, ensure you have fully patched and updated anti-virus and anti-malware software. It’s important to follow the same best practices you would as if you were in the office, and report any suspicious activity or concerns to internal IT ...

Working from home is about balance

Working from home is about balance. Make sure you take frequent breaks and monitor your working hours as you would if you were commuting.

Covid 19 - Stay Connected and Productive When Working Remotely

When self-isolating, video conferencing systems will be your best friend. Book 15min using your video conferencing system instead of relying on email or a messaging tool. Read more about collaborating while WFH here: http://cache.amp.vg/datto-content.amp.vg/view/8omcdb2d22fj/637229880555346330?userid=dc3jmfm1v0ssp

Resources To Navigate Your Business During COVID-19 Outbreak

There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding COVID-19, we have curated the most important and relevant information about navigating these uncharted waters from a business perspective. You’ll find resources on financial planning, working remotely, and leading during a crisis. ...

Resources for schools affected by COVID-19

Explore distance learning resources for schools affected by COVID-19 For educators and IT administrators preparing for potential school closures — or currently facing them — here are a few ways to engage students through distance learning. Google (link is external) ...


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